Drawing your idea

KeyboardBump close up
Drawing your idea could mean a few things.  Most likely it literally means drawing it on paper.  It could mean using Photoshop, TinkerCAD or whatever to create a mocked up image in any sort of capacity.
However sometimes "Drawing your idea" might mean getting Play-doh and a knife and making a physical model.  For KeyboardBumps we originally bought a small vinyl cutter and were trying to cut and emboss small cutouts.
DIY and craft channels are your friend here.  Think of how to describe your product in the most generic way possible.  For example "KeyboardBumps" might be described as "bumpy stickers".  So search Google, YouTube and anywhere else for things like "DIY bumpy stickers" or "Homemade textured stickers".  Go down the rabbit hole and find other terms that might describe what you are looking to make.
Get creative and "re-draw" you idea over and over based on what you find.  YouTube and craft websites are your friends.  Maybe go to neighborhood craft store and get some clay and a $5 molding knife.  Maybe you can glue some cut wood pieces of model board together
As you draw your idea over and over again, search for similar products to use for inspiration.
Not only does this process prove what works it shows you what doesn't.  Sometimes you may discover your product isn't as simple as you thought or it wasn't a good fix.  It is okay to move on to the next idea.
This is a living document and this step will be expanded as we go forward.
What's next?  Step 2: Refining and creating a simple prototype!
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