What is a KeyboardBump?

On normal keyboards (also known as QWERTY keyboards) certain keys have very slight raised bumps.  These bumps are so you fingers can find a default placement. A KeyboardBump™ raises the bumpiness in a fun way.

Our KeyboardBumps™ are soft, glow in the dark, stickers you can put on the default keys, or anywhere else that you want.  For the average person, our "bumps" help you find the keys that you are looking for easier.  However, there are a lot more people that they help.

Gamers use KeyboardBumps™ for finding function keys and other "high-row" keys that you don't normally use.  Function keys are favorites here.

CAD and Graphic designers similarly put their bumps on function keys, tilda keys and might put them on the high-right row.

Other people might actually use them on other buttons or even house keys.  Think of janitor's big key ring.  Put a couple bumps on the key keys!

Lastly and most importantly, KeyboardBumps™ have been used by cancer and MS patients.  As ridiculous as it sounds, those with MS and those going through chemotherapy suffer from something called "neuropathy".  Neuropathy can be thought of numbness, weakness or pain due to nerve damage.  Most of the time this passes a while after chemotherapy but there are other cases where it might not go away.

For these people, KeyboardBumps™ give them a way to find their home keys more easily and regain a little back.

If you do suffer from neuropathy or something similar.  Contact us and we may be able to send you some samples.  While we personally feel that KeyboardBumps™ are oh so worth the price, if you're on tough times, and you need a little bump in the right direction, we're here for you.