Turn your idea into a real product


*This is a living document and also a very rough draft of the first article in the series.  Reach out to us with comments and critiques!

There's an old saying...

"Ideas are like butts... everybody has one!"

Many people have an idea for a problem that would make a product.  Very few people go down the road of turning that idea into a business.  The biggest reason for the lack of entrepreneurship isn't money, or patents, or legal mumbo jumbo or anything other than... just not knowing how to do it!

This series of articles is going to explain to you how you an make your own products like KeyboardBumps and sell them online for under $1,000.  This article is a teaser of sorts.  Each step will be broken down, expanded, re-worded and added to.  It is meant to be a living document to guide those with the ambition but not completely sure on how to proceed.  The more complicated your product, the more effort you will learn but for now consider this as a tutorial for how to create your own KeyboardBump empire!

Articles to come!

  1. Drawing your idea
  2. Refining and creating a simple prototype
  3. Fixing and finalizing
  4. Finding a affordable manufacturer
  5. Setting up your online business
  6. Should you sell our product on Amazon?

More advanced articles possibly in the pipeline

  • Promoting your product
  • Using sales data to increase sales
  • Random marketing help
  • Are ads the right way to go?
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